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CISP-2 Workshop
07th - 08th September, 2020

CISP-2 workshop conducted at Index Medical College, Hospital Research Centre, Indore under MCI Regional Centre-SAIMS - observership on 7th-8th September 2020

List of Participants

Faculty Members as facilitator for CISP-2 workshop as per guidelines of MCI

A lecture on 'Five Skills of Communication with Patients' for Interns and PG students.
23rd January, 2020

By - Dr. Rahul Tanwani (Professor, Department of Surgery)

Integrated PG Teaching Programme
16th January, 2020

  • An interesting case of Multiple Myeloma.
    By : Dr Anubhav Gupta (PG1), Dr Nisarg Shah (PG2), Dr Nikunj Bavishi (PG3)
    Moderator : Dr. Abha Pandit (Professor), Department of Medicine
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    By : Dr Anukrati Singhai (PG1), Dr Richa Trivedi (PG2), Dr Renu Pandey (PG3)
    Moderator : Dr. Seema Anis (Assistant Professor), Department of Psychiatry

Integrated PG Teaching Programme
02nd January, 2020

  • An interesting case of neonatal respiratory distress
    By : Dr Saket Gupta (PG1), Dr Priyanka Shrivastava (PG2), Dr Newton Ghosh (PG3)
    Moderator : Dr. Swati Prashant (Professor & Head), Department of Pediatrics
  • An interesting case of Sickle cell anemia
    By : Dr Rakesh Soni (PG1), Dr Aditi Dixit (PG2), Dr Pratishtha Gupta (PG3)
    Moderator : Dr. Swati Prashant (Professor & Head), Department of Pediatrics

Integrated PG Teaching Programme
19th December, 2019

  • Orthopedics and limb salvage
    By : Dr Gaurav Yadav (PG1), Dr Yash Sharma (PG2), Dr Rajeev Parmar (PG3)
    Moderator : Dr. Mustafa Johar (Professor), Dr. R.S. Saluja (Professor & Head), Department of Orthopedics
  • Orthopedics and Non-union femur
    By : Dr Amit Deol (PG1), Dr Jyoti Krishna (PG2), Dr Tushar Ghodawat (PG3)
    Moderator : Dr. Mustafa Johar (Professor), Dr. R.S. Saluja (Professor & Head), Department of Orthopedics

Integrated PG teaching programme
05th December, 2019

  • An interesting case of secondary infertility.
    By : Dr Nidhi Chauhan (PG1), Dr Anjelina Bhati (PG2), Dr Mubeka Kaveeshwar (PG3)
    Moderator : Dr. Namrata Shrivastava, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • How is your Body Language?
    By : Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Professor, Deptt. of Surgery

Topics for Integrated PG Lecture Programme
21st November, 2019

Department : Surgery & allied disciplines

  • A rare case of Splenic trauma. (Long case)
    By : Department of Surgery
    Presented by : Dr Pritanshi Singh (PG1) and Dr Namrata Mishra (PG2)
    Discussed by : Dr Upendra Singh (PG3)
    Moderator : Dr. Ajay Joshi, Professor and Head, Deptt. of Surgery
  • Adult retropharyngeal abscess : A rare case. (Short case)
    By : Department of ENT
    Presented by : Dr Ambalika Singh (PG1) and Dr Priya Sharma (PG2)
    Discussed by : Dr Saurabh Vijay (PG3).
    Moderator : Dr Vishal Hansrajani, Assistant Professor, Deptt. of ENT.
  • Bilateral hyperviscosity retinopathy. (Short case)
    By : Department of Ophthalmology Presented by : Dr. Akshita Agrawal (PG1) and Dr. Yashasvi Goynka (PG2), Discussed by : Dr. Ambika Agrawal (PG3) Moderator : Dr. Supriya Mushriff, Asst. Professor, Deptt. of Ophthalmology

Integrated PG teaching programme
07th November, 2019

  • An uncommon presentation of chronic liver disease.
    By : Dr Nikita Goyal (PG1), Dr Sonal Jain (PG2), Dr Suhani Neema (PG3)
    Moderator : Dr Pankaj Kumar, Associate Professor, Deptt. of Medicine
  • Uncommon occurrence of leprosy and aspergilloma in a patient of diabetes with pulmonary tuberculosis.
    By : Dr Divyesh Lad (PG1), Dr Satish Chaudhari (PG2), Dr Yogesh Dangi (PG3).
    Moderator : Dr Bushra Khanum, Associate Professor, Deptt. of Medicine.
  • A Case of neutrophilic dermatosis : Sweet’s syndrome.
    By : Dr. Supriya Shakya (PG1), Dr. Saket Kumar (PG3)
    Moderator : Dr. Sanjeev Vaishampayan, Prof. and head, Deptt. of Dermatology

Symposium of Recent advances in cardiology organized
28th September, 2019

Revised Basic Course workshop (RBCW)
03rd to 05th June, 2019

Revised Basic Course workshop (RBCW) was organized at Index Medical College, Indore from 3rd to 5th June 2019 under supervision of Regional Centre for Medical Education, Medical Council of India. 29 faculties participated in the workshop.

Curriculum Implementation Support Program (CISP)
06th to 08th June, 2019

Curriculum Implementation Support Program (CISP) training was organized from 6th to 8th June 2019 under supervision of Regional Centre for Medical Education, Medical Council of India. 30 faculties participated in the training helpful for the implementation of new curriculum for medical undergraduate.

Seminar on National Leprosy Day
31st January, 2019

30th January is observed as the Martyr’s day, and also as National Leprosy Day in our country. A seminar was conducted by the department of Dermatology and the department of Community medicine on 31st Jan 2019 to create awareness about early detection and complete treatment of leprosy and to prevent the disability and spread of the disease. Dean Dr. S.M. Holkar and Mrs. Chitra Khirwarkar had also shared their views. The seminar was attended by over 120 students.

Breast Cancer - Prevention and Early Detection
26th October, 2018

Speaker : Dr. Dilip Acharya (National Chairman of IMA Cancer and Tobacco Control Committee)

Spontaneous Hypoglycemia : Investigations and Management
23rd October, 2018

A special lecture was organized in college on 23rd Oct 2018 on the topic of investigation and management of spontaneous hypoglycemia.
Guest speakers were Dr Ian Penman (Consultant Gastroenterologist, Edinburgh, UK) and Dr Mark WJ Strachan (Consultant Endocrinologist, Edinburgh, UK). Both speakers are also the editors of 23rd edition of Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine.
Dr Ian Penman highlighted the features of the latest edition of the book. Dr Sachan enlightened the knowledge of audience about clinical presentation and management of hypoglycemia.
The lecture was followed by an interesting session of discussion and interaction of speakers with the faculties and the students of the college.

How to Improve your Communication with Patients?
11th October, 2018

Dr. Rahul Tanwani (Associate Professor, Surgery, IMCHRC Indore) described the PG students and interns about some simple methods which can be used to to improve their questioning, answering, explanation and persuasion skills during communication with the patients.

Hypertension - Changing definition, Shifting paradigm
27th September, 2018

Dr. P. K. Gupta (Associate Professor, Medicine) updated the knowledge of interns and post-graduation students about the latest guidelines and recommendations in diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.

Stress and its Management
30th August , 2018

An interactive lecture was organized on 30/08/2018 for interns and postgraduate students of the institute on stress and its management.

Dr. Anchala Dixit, Clinical psychologist, IMCHRC, Indore, talked about various causes and types of stress in daily life. She also described various relaxation techniques to manage them, specially focusing upon the role of counseling and various methods like meditation, yoga, time management, communication etc.

Mrs. Chitra Khirwadkar, Deputy director administration of IMCHRC, Indore, described the spiritual aspect of stress and various techniques to deal with the common stressful situations in life. The lecture was attended by a large number of interns and postgraduate students.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: What the future holds?
02nd August, 2018

Mr. Kartik Taneja, Director- Channel Service, Google from UK, enlightened the knowledge of faculties and students by his lecture on the future of artificial intelligence, especially in the medical field.
His presentation was followed by an interesting session of discussion and interaction, when he replied to various questions and doubts from faculties and students.

Survey on the profile of reason for absenteeism
31st July, 2018

A presentation of survey on "Study to establish the profile of reasons for absenteeism in the Classes among the Medical students of Index Medical College" was done by the Interns of the department of Community Medicine.
This survey was conducted by the department of Community Medicine on M.B.B.S. students (first year to final year) through the interns of 2013-14 batch. The results were very useful and recommendations were formulated based on the reasons. The remedial measures were planned, which the management has taken in right spirit to solve as early as possible.

Role of Body Language in Doctor-Patient Communication
19th July, 2018

Dr. Rahul Tanwani (Asso. Professor, Surgery) presented an interesting lecture on how a doctor can improve his speaking and listening skills by paying some attention of his own non-verbal communication (body language) while communicating with his patients.

Ethical Issues in Clinical Trial
07th June, 2018

Dr. S. Dhaneria, Dean Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacology, AIIMS, Raipur (C.G.) enlightened the knowledge of faculties, postgraduate students and interns about different aspects of clinical trial, ethical issues related with them, and care to be taken during planning of studies.
Lecture was followed by interaction with faculties and students and solving their queries and suggesting a best possible way to solve their problem.

1st Annual Forensic National Conference (14-16 April 2017):
16th January, 2020

FMT-MP (Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Madhya Pradesh): Con-1 (1st Annual Conference) – “FORINDIA-2017”
Organized by IMCHRC (Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Indore) under the wings of Madhya Pradesh Medico-Legal Expert Association (MPMLEA)

04-03-2017 :

Workshop on Basic Communication Skills for Medical and Dental Students was organised by Dr. Rahul Tanwani (Asso. Professor, Surgery) on 4th March 2017. Around 130 students from different medical and dental colleges had attended and actively participated in the workshop.

19-06-2016 :
16th January, 2020

Dr. Rahul Tanwani (Asst. Professor, Surgery) presented a special lecture for interns and PG students on 'Communication skills during Post-graduation'

Academic activities: Involved Academic meet :
S.No. Title Presented By Presented On
01. Interesting Paediatric surgical cases Dr.Rahul Tanwani 24th Nov,2011
02. Guidelines for management of hypertension Dr.S.M.Holkar 12th Nov2011
03. Problem based learning Dr.Arjun Singh 13th Oct 2011
04. Introduction of Radiology Dr.A.K.Vyas 24th Sept'2011
05. Practical implementation of Med Education Dr.Rahul Tanwani 8th Sept 2011
06. Outline of Medical Education Dr.Prabhsaran Singh 8th Sept 2011
07. Acute flaccid paralysis Dr.Sudhir Soni( WHO) 5th Sept 2011
08. Blood Culture Dr.S.M.Jain 25th Aug,2011
09. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Dr.Sarita Gohiya 11th Aug'2011
10. Herpes zoster ophthalmicus Dr.J.M.Qureshi 28th July,2011
11. DOTS PLUS Dr.V.M.Tiwari 14th July'2011
12. Grievous Hurt Dr.S.K.Verma 14th July'2011
13. Graceful Aging Dr.B.S.Tuli 12th May'2011
14. Pathological aspect of NAFLD Dr.S.K.Nema 7th April,2011
15. Non alcoholic fatty liver disease Dr.R.Upender 7th April,2011
16. Cervical vaccine Dr. Sandhya Chakraborti 17th March 2011
17. Egyptian mummifications Dr.Vineet Gohiya 17th March 2011
18. Skin manifestations of internal diseases Dr. Parikshit Sharma 10th March 2011
19. Pharmacovigilance Dr.Ahmad Najmi 17th Feb 2011
20. Molecular diagnostics in Cancer Dr.Anil Bidwai 3rd Feb,2011
21. Newer vaccines Dr. Shubhangi Mahashabde 20th Jan 2011
22. Leucocyte count in anaemia Dr.Srikrishna Bamne 21st Oct'2010
23. Monitoring of Iodine difficiency disorder Dr.H.M.Dhabi 7th Oct'2010
24. Medical Audit Dr.S.K.Chudhary 3rd Sept,2010
25. Management of Swine Flu Dr.Sukanta sen 7th March 2010

Scientific Academic Forum Meetings
S.No. Date Topic Presented By
01. 02-05-11 Post exposure prophylaxis in HIV infection Dr.S.M.Jain
02. 18-04-11 Minimal invasive surgery-gold standard for present scenario Dr.Amitabh Goel
03. 27-01-11 Thalassemia Awareness Dr.Kishore Chandki
04. 03-12-10 Music therapy Dr.Chhaya Matange
05. 11-10-10 Malaria management Dr.S.M.Holkar
06. 18-09-10 Positive thinking Dr.E.V.Girish