Workshop/CME programmes/conferences and/or academic activities

Workshop/ CME programmes :


Academic activities: Involved Academic meet :

S.No. Title Presented By Presented On
01. Interesting Paediatric surgical cases Dr.Rahul Tanwani 24th Nov,2011
02. Guidelines for management of hypertension Dr.S.M.Holkar 12th Nov2011
03. Problem based learning Dr.Arjun Singh 13th Oct 2011
04. Introduction of Radiology Dr.A.K.Vyas 24th Sept'2011
05. Practical implementation of Med Education Dr.Rahul Tanwani 8th Sept 2011
06. Outline of Medical Education Dr.Prabhsaran Singh 8th Sept 2011
07. Acute flaccid paralysis Dr.Sudhir Soni( WHO) 5th Sept 2011
08. Blood Culture Dr.S.M.Jain 25th Aug,2011
09. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Dr.Sarita Gohiya 11th Aug'2011
10. Herpes zoster ophthalmicus Dr.J.M.Qureshi 28th July,2011
11. DOTS PLUS Dr.V.M.Tiwari 14th July'2011
12. Grievous Hurt Dr.S.K.Verma 14th July'2011
13. Graceful Aging Dr.B.S.Tuli 12th May'2011
14. Pathological aspect of NAFLD Dr.S.K.Nema 7th April,2011
15. Non alcoholic fatty liver disease Dr.R.Upender 7th April,2011
16. Cervical vaccine Dr. Sandhya Chakraborti 17th March 2011
17. Egyptian mummifications Dr.Vineet Gohiya 17th March 2011
18. Skin manifestations of internal diseases Dr. Parikshit Sharma 10th March 2011
19. Pharmacovigilance Dr.Ahmad Najmi 17th Feb 2011
20. Molecular diagnostics in Cancer Dr.Anil Bidwai 3rd Feb,2011
21. Newer vaccines Dr. Shubhangi Mahashabde 20th Jan 2011
22. Leucocyte count in anaemia Dr.Srikrishna Bamne 21st Oct'2010
23. Monitoring of Iodine difficiency disorder Dr.H.M.Dhabi 7th Oct'2010
24. Medical Audit Dr.S.K.Chudhary 3rd Sept,2010
25. Management of Swine Flu Dr.Sukanta sen 7th March 2010

Scientific Academic Forum Meetings :

S.No. Date Topic Presented By
01. 02-05-11 Post exposure prophylaxis in HIV infection Dr.S.M.Jain
02. 18-04-11 Minimal invasive surgery-gold standard for present scenario Dr.Amitabh Goel
03. 27-01-11 Thalassemia Awareness Dr.Kishore Chandki
04. 03-12-10 Music therapy Dr.Chhaya Matange
05. 11-10-10 Malaria management Dr.S.M.Holkar
06. 18-09-10 Positive thinking Dr.E.V.Girish