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24th March, 2022

Malwanchal university celebrated its first convocation on 24 th March 2022. The Chief Guest was Hon’ble Shri Mangu Bhai Patel, Governor of Madhya Pradesh.

Observance of World Diabetes Day 2019

World diabetes day 2019 was observed in Index Medical College by department of Community Medicine under the guidance of Head of department Dr Col.V.K.Arora on 15th November 2019.This activity was registered event under International Diabetes Federation (IDF). The theme of this year was “Diabetes concerns every family”.

Presentation was organized on this Occasion & speakers were interns posted in Community Medicine department Sahil Baharwal & Manan Gaur .All slants of topic epidemiology, risk factors, management, prevention & theme of 2019 were enwrapped nicely by speakers. Presentation was followed by healthy discussion and faculties of other department also gave their expert comments regarding the topic. Assembled spectators were under graduate students, interns & faculties of other department. The topic was very well taken by audiance.

150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi celebration
02nd October, 2019
Observance of World Heart Day
27th September, 2019

World Heart Day 2019 was observed and organized by Department of Community Medicine under the guidance of HOD, Dr. V.K. Arora on 27th September. Each member of the Department had participated very enthusiastically in the various aspect of preparation. A health talk on “Protect your heart “was organized in lecture theater by the Interns & PG students. The participants were Zoya Qamar, Upasana Yadav & Dr. Akanksha Sabikhi.
All the aspects of Ischemic heart disease was covered beautifully by speakers including etiology, risk factors, Patho-physiology of disease, clinical presentation, management specially the prevention. This was followed by a video on CPR. Rangoli was also prepared on the theme “Protect Your Heart” by Department. Event was very much appreciated by audience UG, PG students and faculties of Index Medical College.

White Coat Ceremony
05th September, 2019
Breast Feeding Week
01st August, 2019

Breast feeding week was celebrated on 1st August 2019, at Index Medical college, by Department of Pediatrics, Nursing college and IAP Indore.

ORS Week
30th July, 2019

ORS week was celebrated at Index Medical College on 30th July 2019. It was organized by Dept of Pediatrics and IAP Indore.

International Yoga day
21st June, 2019
World No Tobacco Day
31st May, 2019

As per the direction provided by Malwanchal University, “World No Tobacco Day” Celebrated by Index Medical College, Indore on 31/05/2019, Friday.

Guest Lecture by BK Poonam - Joy of Living
3rd May, 2019

For the sake of spiritual refreshment, a guest lecture was organized on 03-05-2019 for all faculties, PG’s & Paramedical staff of Index Group of Institutes.

Graduation Ceremony of admission batch 2013
9th April, 2019
International Women's Day 2019 Celebration
8th March, 2019
Padho Malwanchal Programme
06th March, 2019

As per the direction provided by Malwanchal University, “Padho Malwanchal Programme” organized by Index Medical College, Indore on 06/03/2019 Wednesday .

International Mother Language Day 2019 Celebration
21st February, 2019
Seminar on Stress Management
8th February, 2019

A seminar on “Stress Management” was organized for faculties and students of Index Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Indore on 8th Feb 2019.
Dr Deepti Gupta (Gynecologist, MGM medical college, Indore)introduced the audience about the programme.
Dr Asha Chauhan (Consultant Gynecologist, Poornima Hospital, Badwah) enlightened the knowledge of students on thoughtfulness and awareness by the ways of Indian mythology and fables. She also told small and short technics to the students which will help them to stay out of stress and tension.
Ms. Manju Sony and Dr. Ayesha Khan helped in organizing the program.
The seminar was attended by the dean Dr SM Holkar, Vice Dean Dr Prem Nyati, Director admin Ms Chitra Khirwadkar, various faculties and students of the institute.

Dance & Singing Competition
Republic Day 2019 Celebration

Chief Guest Ms. Nivedita Naidu, I.P.S. (T.I. Khudel)

Sports Events 2018
World AIDS Day
1st December, 2018

‘World AIDS Day’ was observed on 1st December 2018. Various activities were organized by Department of Community Medicine involving students & Interns along with faculties. The theme for the year is “Know your status”. To raise awareness & motivate people to get themselves tested for HIV infection, Department of Community Medicine celebrated this day in which all the students as well as Interns took part with active involvement & enjoyed entire program. The theme “Know your status” was highlighted in slogans, Rangoli & Poster competition & too.

  • Slogan writing competition and poster competition was held on 29th November.13 teams took part& made beautiful posters depicting the necessity to get tested for HIV.
  • Rangoli competition was held on 30th November. 11 teams participated & created colourful rangoli, thereby spreading awareness regarding the theme.
  • The programme was culminated finally in to Quiz competition organized by the Department, which was held on 1st December. 4 teams of 3 members each participated in this quiz, which were selected through elimination round involving 140 students. Faculty of various departments as well as students & interns participated as audience with full excitement. The audience enjoyed quiz session a lot & also took active participation in it. The quiz commenced with introduction speech by Dr. V. K. Arora (H.O.D., Community Medicine), with brief summary of the current facts & figures of AIDS & the importance of getting tested for HIV. This was followed by Quiz, which witnessed a tough competition from all the teams. At the end, winners from the quiz & all other events were given certificates by the honorable Dean of the institution. The main contributors to the programme in organizing the activities were Dr. Rashmi Bhujade, Dr. Aarti Sahasrabudhe, Dr. Sangeeta Kori, Dr. Jayshri Bute & PG students of the department of Community Medicine.
Rajyoga Meditation Programme
21st, 22nd, 24th November, 2018

In view to raise mind power of students as well as to get relief from stress, three days meditation programme was arranged on 21st , 22nd and 24th of November 2018 for one hour daily at Index Medical College.

BK Narayan Bhai who is a senior Rajyogi teacher practicing Rajyoga since 40 years and also coordinator for Religious wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation, Mount Abu and BK Pramila behen from Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya, Zonal Headquarters (Om Shanti Bhavan, New Palasia, Indore) conducted these sessions. As a part of research study “Impact of Rajyoga meditation on academic performance of MBBS students”conducted by Dr. Jayashri Bute, Professor , Community Medicine these meditation sessions were held. Dr. Jayashri introduced BK Narayan bhai as well as of Brahmakumaris ,a spiritual NGO. Mrs. Chitra Khilwarkar , Deputy Director welcomed BK Narayan with a floral bouquet.

On first day ,BK Narayan had solved an mystery that is Who am I? He also has given ABCD mantra of meditation to all MBBS students. He narrated, A-accept/avoid situation which you are not under your control. B- Bypass things, persons which you can’t change, C- Cancel all your worries, negativities and D- Do it. Perform activity which you have decided to do.

Second day he beautifully explained in detail about how conscious mind as well as sub-conscious mind works. What’s the importance of positive thinking, how it affects our mind power? How our thoughts affect on our body. What is the origin of psychosomatic diseases? He had shared beautiful stories as well as real life experiences which had faced by many students. BK Pramila behen conducted meditation commentary.

On third day, BK Narayan Bhai explained how to connect with Supreme Being. He has given a strong positive thoughts to students for daily practice. I am a master almighty authority; Success is my birthright….and so on.

Total 125 students participated voluntarily for the programme. 12-15 faculty members, interns from various disciplines were graced this occasion. At the end Dr.Jayashri concluded session with vote of thanks. Mrs. Chitra handed over a Memento to Bk Narayan Bhai as a token of love. Bk Narayan Bhai also handed over a GODLY gift that is Shiva-Nimatran Monthly magazine to Mrs. Chitra.

Orientation Address by Shri N.K. Tripathi, Vice-Chancellor, Malwanchal University to 1st year MD/MS Students (Postgraduate Students) of 2018-19 Admission Batch
13th November, 2018

Shri N.K. Tripathi, Vice-Chancellor, Malwanchal University, addressed the MD/MS students (postgraduate students) of various departments of Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Center. The purpose of this orientation address was to break the ice and to motivate these students.

School Health and Education Programme
23rd October, 2018

As per the schedule, the community activities for month of October 2018 “Awareness program” and “School health programme” were held at village Dhamnay in Government primary School on 23.10.2018.
1. The topic for awareness programme was “De-addiction”. To generate & increase the awareness of students regarding addiction & de addiction, a skit was organized at government primary school of Dhamnay (field practice area of Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Indore). All the aspects of addiction were covered beautifully by the skit, including impact of addiction & solutions. M.B.B.S 6th semester student were the participants of the skit.
2. School Health Programme –This session was taken by Prof.and Head of Department of Community Medicine Dr (col) V.K.Arora. “Importance of Hygiene” was covered briefly in this session. It was very interactive session & students enjoyed this session a lot.
Both activities were appreciated by teachers and principal of the school. Students were very happy with these activities.

A Very Special Visit to School Students in a Remote Area
12th October, 2018
  • The Department of Community Medicine of Index Medical College keeps organizing Health Education Campaign & welfare activities in various villages & schools on regular basis. On 12th October 2018, the faculty members of the Department along with PGs, Interns & UG Students planned to visit a Govt. School in a remote rural village name Khandel. The local leaders of the village & school authorities were contacted a week in advance & felt need of the students was analyzed & noted.
  • The institute had some left over amount of Ganesh puja held recently. So, the students of 6th semester decided to buy certain useful day to day items for students & distribute among them.
  • In view of the above, it was a special visit to this school. The department incorporated activities pertaining to health education, nutrition education by students. The Community Medicine department of Index Medical College organized a health talk followed by distribution of essentials for the government school students of Khandel.
  • The activities commenced with Cleaning of school premises, classes, play ground and surrounding by MBBS students along with school students.
  • Health talk were delivered by MBBS students of 6th semester on:-
    • Personal hygiene
    • Diarrheal disease & ORS
    • Open field defecation
    • Nutrition & balance diet
    • Mosquito born infections
    These topics were covered by using different method like – Play, posters, demonstration of skills, poems. Various questions were asked to the school students and the correct answers were awarded gifts as appreciation.
  • Health talk was followed by distribution of essential items like –Tooth paste, tooth brush, soaps, footwear, stationary items like pens, pencils, copies, coloring kits, Teaching materials like Books, educational charts, maps, dictionary, Grammar books, sports items like badminton, footballs, carom board, chess, skipping ropes, balls, edibles like fruits, chocolates etc by the MBBS students.
  • The event was fully supported by Professor and Head Dr (Col) V.K. Arora, Dr H.M. Dabhi, Dr Jayashri Bute, Dr Aarti, Dr Sangeeta, Dr. Rashmi & Dr Saumitra Sinha of Community Medicine Department.
  • Activities were appreciated by local leaders, school principle and teachers. School students enjoyed the session a lot. They seemed very much motivated and excited by the event.
Orientation Induction Programme of 1st year MBBS Students at Index Medical College, Hospital & Research Center
4th October, 2018

Shri N K Tripathi, Vice Chanceller, Malwanchal University addressing the newly admitted students of 1st year MBBS course during the Induction Programme

Swachchhata Abhiyaan in College Campus
20th September, 2018
Teacher's day Celebration
5th September, 2018
World Breast Feeding Week Activities
02nd - 07th August , 2018

On the occasion of World Breast Feeding Week, various events were organized by the department of Community medicine, from 2 nd to 7 th August, 2018.

1) Slogan competition (02/08/2018)
Total 112 slogans were received from the students in a dropbox, both in Hindi and English.
Top 3 best slogans were chosen in both categories.

2) Poster competition (03/08/2018)
Top 3 best posters were selected out of total 26 posters, which were prepared by M.B.B.S.
Second and third prof students, along with the interns.

3) Seminar (04/08/2018)
All the important aspects of breast feeding were presented by Dr Aarti Sahasrabuddhe (Professor, Community Medicine) and Dr Rashmi Bhujade (Assistant Professor, Community Medicine), along with covering the slogan of world breast feeding week 2018 : “Breast Feeding : Foundation of Life”.

4) Skits (06/08/2018 and 07/08/2018)
With a goal of generating and increasing the awareness of community regarding appropriate breast feeding practices, a skit was organized at Gehli (field practice area of Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Indore) on 07/08/2018, which was very much appreciated by community leaders and the village audience. Similarly, skits were also organized in the OPD and IPD of Pediatrics and Obstetrics-Gynecology departments, targeting the antenatal women, postnatal mothers and to the parents who had visited for immunization of their children. Approximate number of audience in all the skits was 250.

Breast Feeding Week
1st - 7th August, 2018

Breast feeding week was celebrated by the department of Pediatrics from 1st to 7th August 2018.

O.R.S. Week
25th - 31st July, 2018

O.R.S. week was celebrated by the department of Pediatrics from 25th to 31st July 2018.

International Yoga Day
19th June, 2018

A Spiritual talk was arranged on the special occasion of International Yoga Day, which was focused on the mental aspect of Health.

Orientation Programme - 1st year MBBS

1st year MBBS (admission batch 2017-18) Orientation programme was conducted descriptively on 25.09.2017 (Mon) for students and parents, and attended by teaching faculty. The 1st year MBBS classes have started.

01-10-2016 :

Blood donation camp conducted in index on saturday 01.10.16.

19-05-2016 :

SurgiQuiz 2016 - A Surgical Quiz for Interns, organized by the department of General Surgery.
Winners : Swapnil Singh Baghel, Rupali Dubey, Anshu Boriya, Shivam Sharma


FMT-MP Con-1 "FORINDIA 2017" 1st Annual National Conference of MPMLEA 15-16 April 2017


Second edition of the book of Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Asst. Professor, Surgery ('The Skills of History Taking' ) was released by Dr. D. P. Lokwani, former vice canceler of M.P.Medical Science University.


Inauguration of Communication Skills Lab in the department of Surgery by Dr. D. P. Lokwani, vice canceler of M.P.Medical Science University. Created by Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Asst. Professor, Surgery


Visit of Dr. Janet Surie and Ms. Gilly Burn (Founder Director of Cancer Relief India) from UK to deliver a guest lecture on 'Palliative care'.


First edition of the book of Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Asst. Professor, Surgery ('The Skills of History Taking' ) was released by Dr. B.R. Parekh, former professor and head of Pediatric Surgery, M.G.M.Medical College, Indore.


Educational page on Facebook ('SMS : Surgery for Medical Students') having more than 25,000 followers and around 450 self made MCQs on Surgery with explanatory answers. Created by Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Asst. Professor, Surgery


Dr. J.J.Manni, World Renowned ENT Surgeon from Holland had inaugurated Central Research Lab of Index Medical College on 10th April 2012


Shri Suresh Singh Bhadoria, Chairman, Index Group of Institutions, Indore has been nominated as Executive Committee member of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV), Indore by Honarable Shri RamNareshJi Yadav, Governor, Govt of Madyapradesh on 2nd April 2012.


Inauguration of Annual Day Function "Stimulus-2012"by His Excelency, Shri Ram NareshJi Yadav, Governor, Govt of Madhya Pradesh


His Excelency Shri Ram Naresh Ji Yadav, Governor, Govt of M.P.addressing and motivating Medical students, nursing students, faculty members and staff on Annual Day Function


Inauguration of Index Medical College Magazine "Dhanwantari-2012" by Shri Mahendra Ji Hardia, Minister of State, Health & Family Welfare & Medical Education, Govt of M.P., Prof. D.P.Lokwani, Vice Chancellor, MadhyaPradesh Medical Health University, Jabalpur, Prof. Harshvardhan Tiwari, Chairman, Admission & Fee Regulatory Committee (AFRC), Bhopal, Shri Tulsi Silawat, MLA, M.P.