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21st June, 2023

Theme : Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
Index Nursing College constituent unit of Malwanchal University organized International Yoga Day, Yoga Asanas were demonstrated by various Nursing student. The program was organized under the blessings of Mr.Suresh Singh Bhadoriya, Chairman of Index Group of Institution. Various students demonstrated Yogasanas with astounding synchronization in this Yoga practice program. This program was organized under the guidance of Dr.(Prof.) Smriti G. Solomon, PrincipaL. Dr. Anu V Kumar, Professor and HOD remarked in this Yoga celebration program: “To keep fit in today’s world, it’s critical to incorporate yoga into one’s everyday routine. Because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, health should be our first goal”.

Departmental HODS, as well as a large number of teaching faculty and student, attended the programme. Mr. Vishal Choudhary, Assistant Professor, Index Nursing College, served as the host of the event “Yogasanas were demonstrated and done by our students namely on this day,” stated anulomvilom, Surya Namaskar, Shirshasan, Vrikshasana, Tadasana, Chakrasana, and Anjaney asana were among the poses included in this programme.

Dr. Anu V Kumar, Professor, HOD & Academic Coordinator encouraged the students by her speech in which she stated that “Yoga is incredibly essential for all of us,” she continued. Yoga not only energises and keeps us fit, but it also offers us a sense of well-being and boosts our immune, which is especially important in these COVID times.

Dr. Th.Bidyani Devi, Professor, explained the importance of breath in meditation. She told the students they should read ancient Indian texts like Patanjali Maharishi's 'AshtangYog' along with personality development books by International writers. She encouraged the students to practice Yoga and meditation on a regular basis for a healthy body and mind.

Yoga Day is celebrated among the youth and children to make them understand the importance of Yoga in their life. It helps the students understand how to maintain harmony between body and mind. Two lectures organised to explain the importance of Yoga.

If we do yoga on a regular basis ,it will undoubtedly enhance both our physical and mental health.” Various asnas were performed by the students as instructed by student yoga professionals.

The function ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Th. Bidyani Devi, Professor The function was organised by Prof. Berlin Sara Thampy, Mr. Nitin Chicholkar along with all the Professors and office staff who put in a lot of effort to make the function a success.

Department of Public health Dentistry is celebrating National “Pubic Health Dentistry day“

19th June, 2023

Index Institute of Dental Sciences,Malwanchal university Department of Public health Dentistry is celebrating National “Pubic Health Dentistry day “in auditorium.Suresh Singh Bhadoriya,Chairman,Index and Amaltas Group of Institutionswill be the chief guest.

Cultural Committee of Index Institute of Dental Sciences,Malwanchal university Dr Poonam Tomar Rana,Amita singh, Dr Pallavi Singh, Dr Rinku S Jagnade, Dr Ganga Dubey, Dr Surbhi juneja, Dr Surbhi Balakrishnan with Student Co-ordinators Ambuja Agrawal, Harshad Parmar, Nayla Samar and Preksha Gadia.Successfully organized Cultural Programme "Athena 2023 " under the able guidance of Dean Dr. Satish Karandhikar for Faculities and Students.Dr. Rolly S. Agarwal,Dr. SuparnaGangulySaha,Dr. Rajeev Srivastava. Prize distribution ceremony was organised on 19 June 2023 for Various Indoor and Outdoor Fun games , Singing &, dancing competion,Fashion show (Halloween theme), Wall painting (Theme social cause) and Sketching were being organized.