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World Researchers Summit

08th May, 2022

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PG Induction

02nd May, 2022

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World Blood Donation Day

14th June, 2022

A drop of blood becomes life for someone
Need to unite for blood donation
World Blood Donation Day is celebrated on 14 June Indore. Blood donation made by any person saves many lives. We realize the importance of blood donation when someone close to us is battling between life and death. By donating blood we save someone's life. During Corona, every person has understood the importance of oxygen and blood donation. World Blood Donor Day is being celebrated all over the world on 14th June. World Blood Donation Day was started by the World Health Organization in the year 2004. World Blood Donation Day is celebrated with the aim of meeting the shortage of blood around the world. Nobel Prize winner Karl Landsteiner is credited with inventing the ABO blood group system. Karl Landsteiner's birth anniversary is celebrated on 14 June. The theme of this year i.e. 2022 - Donating blood is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives This slogan draws attention to the roles voluntary blood donations play in saving lives and increasing solidarity within communities. Index Hospital Like every year, this year also blood donation camp is being organized from 14th June. In this, people will be made aware for donating blood along with youth in the camp for a week. Suresh Singh Bhadauria, Chairman, Index Group, Vice Chairman Mayank Raj Singh Bhadauria, Director RS Ranawat, Additional Director RC Yadav, Dean Medical College Dr. GS Patel, Medical Superintendent Lt Col Dr. Ajay Singh Thakur will be present at the launch of the camp.

Importance of blood donation increased in the midst of corona epidemic
Malwanchal University Prof. Chancellor and Head of Index Department of Pathology Dr. Sanjeev Narang said that blood testing is being done through state-of-the-art equipment in Index Hospital. In the Corona period, along with plasma therapy, the hi-tech technology of blood units is proving to be very helpful for many patients. Sometimes patients do not get blood on time, due to which they die. In such a situation, the blood given by the donors becomes life-giving for those patients. He said that the importance of blood donation has once again increased significantly amid the corona virus epidemic. Despite the many challenges during the pandemic, donors in many countries, especially in India, continued to donate blood and plasma to patients who needed it.

After Corona, the responsibility of such institutions has now doubled.
He informed that World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on 14th June to promote blood donation. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to provide blood according to the need in the world. Many organizations around the world organize blood donation camps, where people donate blood of their own free will. Helping a needy person is not less than a virtue. Similarly, giving blood to someone means there is no greater donation than donating blood. Today in Indore, many such voluntary organizations are helping people day and night in case of need of blood in accident or any other disease. After Corona, the responsibility of such institutions has now doubled. , According to a report, about 1.36 lakh women die every year due to lack of blood in their country. Which accounts for 25.7 percent of deaths during pregnancy and childbirth worldwide.

Benefits of Donating Blood
Donating blood helps in reducing weight. That is why one should donate blood twice a year. By balancing the amount of iron, the liver becomes healthy and the risk of cancer is also reduced. Blood donation brings energy to the body. Because after donation, new blood cells are formed, which brings health to the body.
Blood donation does not cause blood to clot, it dilutes the blood to some extent and reduces the chances of heart attack.
Donating blood provides relief in liver related problems. The amount of excess iron in the body puts pressure on the liver and blood donation balances the amount of iron.

Dr. Sanjeev Narang
Malwanchal University Prof. Chancellor and Head of Index Department of Pathology

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