Department of Microbiology
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Infrastructure :

  • Lecture theatre (Gallery type) seating capacity- 200 Students.
  • Demonstration rooms- 02 (60 sq. mtr. Each), Seating Capacity 80.
  • Practical class Room/ laboratory (200 sq. mtr) with necessary benches, water tap, sink etc for 80 students.
  • Departmental Library: 30 sq. mtr, Seating capacity 30.
  • Seminar cum Library room.
  • P.G. journal club.
  • P.G. research laboratory.

Departmental Library :

  • Total No. of books 251.

Departmental Museum :

  • 80 sq. mtr.
  • Number of specimen: 60
  • Charts/ Diagrams: 226

Departmental Research Lab :

  • Space: 50 sq. mtr.

Office Accomodation :

  • Departmental office: 01
  • 12 square mtr

Details of Laboratory and other facilities to carry out research work :

Central laboratory and central research laboratory are available in the hospital and college respectively for research work of the PG student.

Equipments Available :

Incubator, Autoclave, Centrifuge(4 tube), Microscope binocular, Microscope monocular, Distilled water plant, water bath, ELISA reader and washer, Digital PH meter, BOD Incubators, Anaerobic jar, Gas cylinder, Inoculation loop, Burner, Colony counter, Digital balance, Over head projector, pasture pipette, Deep freeze, Regulator, Pipette bulb, Spirit lamp, Test tube holder, Test tube stand, Test tube brush, V.D.R.L. shaker, Stop watch, Serological water bath, Hot air oven, Lamina air flow, freeze, Bio safety cabinet, Chemical balance, Thermometer, Petri plate(90mm), Coupling jar, Needle cutter, Conical flask.

Facilities :

  • Bacteriology - Culture and antibiotic sensitivity of various clinical samples like pus, urine, blood, sputum, CSF, fluids, CV tip etc.
  • Serology - HIV, HBsAg, RA, Widal, CRP, ASO, Malaria Ag.
  • Anaerobic Section - Cultivation of anaerobic organisms.
  • Mycobacteriology section - Z-N staining for M. tuberculosis.
  • Mycology section - Cultivation of fungus from various clinical samples.
  • Parasitology - Diagnosis of various parasitic infections.