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Infrastructure :

  • Departmental library: 30.34 sq. mtr.
  • Departmental Museum: Space- 204 sq. mtr.
  • Office Accommodation: Space- 13.65
  • Office space for teaching faculty:
    • HOD- 30.34 sq. mtr.
    • Professor/ Associate professor- 18.72 x 22.2
    • Lecturer/ Assistant professor- 16.77 x 11.22
    • Resident duty room- 15
    • PG room- 30.9

Equipments :

Furniture’s and Fixtures, Hot air oven, Dissection Instruments, Microtome- Rotary & Freezing, Cryostat Microtome, Automatic knife sharpener, Binocular research microscope, Binocular research microscope with research projection, Paraffin embedding bath, Slide warmer, Automatic tissue processor, Tissue flotation bath, Microscope monocular, Cabinets for slides, Incubators, Hot plates, Analytical balance, Refrigerator, Distill water still menestry type, Necessary glass wares, Chemicals and stains, Embalming machines for cadavers, Computer (for keeping student records, marks, stores), Anthropometry set- (Baby weighing scale, Vernier caliper digital, Spreading caliper with pointed end, Spreading caliper with rounded end, Sliding caliper, Skin fold caliper, Measuring tape, Goniometer, Osteqmetric board, Standard flexible steel tape).

Facilities :

  • Lecture hall gallery type: AC 180 seating with LCD, OHP and black boards.
  • Demonstration Rooms- O2;
    seating capacity: 80,
    Audio visual equipments- OHP, LCD, CD player.
  • Departmental library cum seminar room: 30.34, Seating capacity- 30
  • Dissection Hall:
    • Size - 325
    • Capacity - 150
    • Dissection Table - 20
    • Demonstrating Table - 05
    • Revolving Stools - 160
    • Storage facilities - Cold storage- 01, Capacity- 04 Bodies.
    • Other Facilities - Adequate washing facility, Light and ventilation, Learning Aids.
    • Embalming Room - 12
    • Cadaver storage room - 18
    • Body tanks - Available 04 tanks.
  • Histology Laboratory:
    • Size- 200
    • Capacity- 90 students.
  • Research Laboratory: 50 with necessary infrastructure & Instruments.

Details of facilities to carry out additional classes and practical at PG level :

  • Lecture halls
  • Library cum seminar rooms
  • Audio video equipments, OHP, LCD, Slide projector, CD player, Internet facility available.

Facility for Practical’s :

  • Dissection :
    • Cadavers are provided.
    • Injectable materials for study of arterial pattern provided.
    • Anthropometric instruments are provided for study of bones.
    • Fetuses are provided for dissection.
    • For contrast study injectable materials are provided.
    • Facilities are provided X-ray and CT films.
  • Histology :
    • Facilities are provided for processing of Tissues, making blocks, section cutting and staining.
    • For preparation of special stains the required materials are provided.
    • Students are trained in using microtome and freezing microtome.
    • Students are trained in using automatic tissue processor and knife sharpener.
  • Research Laboratory: 50 with necessary infrastructure & Instruments.

Details of Laboratory and other facilities to carry out research work :

Central laboratory and central research laboratory are available in the hospital and college respectively for research work of the PG student.

In addition to this – Histology, Experimental embryology, and Cytogenetic laboratories are available for training.