1 Orientation Address by Shri N.K. Tripathi, Vice-Chancellor, Malwanchal University to 1st year MD/MS Students (Postgraduate Students) of 2018-19 Admission Batch
13th November, 2018

Shri N.K. Tripathi, Vice-Chancellor, Malwanchal University, addressed the MD/MS students (postgraduate students) of various speciality branches of Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Center. These students are already qualified doctors. The purpose of this orientation address was to break the ice and to motivate these students.

1 Spontaneous Hypoglycemia : Investigations and Management
23rd October, 2018

A special lecture was organized in college on 23rd Oct 2018 on the topic of investigation and management of spontaneous hypoglycemia.
Guest speakers were Dr Ian Penman (Consultant Gastroenterologist, Edinburgh, UK) and Dr Mark WJ Strachan (Consultant Endocrinologist, Edinburgh, UK). Both speakers are also the editors of 23rd edition of Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine.
Dr Ian Penman highlighted the features of the latest edition of the book. Dr Sachan enlightened the knowledge of audience about clinical presentation and management of hypoglycemia.
The lecture was followed by an interesting session of discussion and interaction of speakers with the faculties and the students of the college.

1 School Health and Education Programme
23rd October, 2018

As per the schedule, the community activities for month of October 2018 “Awareness program” and “School health programme” were held at village Dhamnay in Government primary School on 23.10.2018.
1. The topic for awareness programme was “De-addiction”. To generate & increase the awareness of students regarding addiction & de addiction, a skit was organized at government primary school of Dhamnay (field practice area of Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Indore). All the aspects of addiction were covered beautifully by the skit, including impact of addiction & solutions. M.B.B.S 6th semester student were the participants of the skit.
2. School Health Programme –This session was taken by Prof.and Head of Department of Community Medicine Dr (col) V.K.Arora. “Importance of Hygiene” was covered briefly in this session. It was very interactive session & students enjoyed this session a lot.
Both activities were appreciated by teachers and principal of the school. Students were very happy with these activities.

1 A Very Special Visit to School Students in a Remote Area
12th October, 2018
  • The Department of Community Medicine of Index Medical College keeps organizing Health Education Campaign & welfare activities in various villages & schools on regular basis. On 12th October 2018, the faculty members of the Department along with PGs, Interns & UG Students planned to visit a Govt. School in a remote rural village name Khandel. The local leaders of the village & school authorities were contacted a week in advance & felt need of the students was analyzed & noted.
  • The institute had some left over amount of Ganesh puja held recently. So, the students of 6th semester decided to buy certain useful day to day items for students & distribute among them.
  • In view of the above, it was a special visit to this school. The department incorporated activities pertaining to health education, nutrition education by students. The Community Medicine department of Index Medical College organized a health talk followed by distribution of essentials for the government school students of Khandel.
  • The activities commenced with Cleaning of school premises, classes, play ground and surrounding by MBBS students along with school students.
  • Health talk were delivered by MBBS students of 6th semester on:-
    • Personal hygiene
    • Diarrheal disease & ORS
    • Open field defecation
    • Nutrition & balance diet
    • Mosquito born infections
    These topics were covered by using different method like – Play, posters, demonstration of skills, poems. Various questions were asked to the school students and the correct answers were awarded gifts as appreciation.
  • Health talk was followed by distribution of essential items like –Tooth paste, tooth brush, soaps, footwear, stationary items like pens, pencils, copies, coloring kits, Teaching materials like Books, educational charts, maps, dictionary, Grammar books, sports items like badminton, footballs, carom board, chess, skipping ropes, balls, edibles like fruits, chocolates etc by the MBBS students.
  • The event was fully supported by Professor and Head Dr (Col) V.K. Arora, Dr H.M. Dabhi, Dr Jayashri Bute, Dr Aarti, Dr Sangeeta, Dr. Rashmi & Dr Saumitra Sinha of Community Medicine Department.
  • Activities were appreciated by local leaders, school principle and teachers. School students enjoyed the session a lot. They seemed very much motivated and excited by the event.
1 How to Improve your Communication with Patients?
11th October, 2018

Dr. Rahul Tanwani (Associate Professor, Surgery, IMCHRC Indore) described the PG students and interns about some simple methods which can be used to to improve their questioning, answering, explanation and persuasion skills during communication with the patients.

1 Orientation Induction Programme of 1st year MBBS Students at Index Medical College, Hospital & Research Center
4th October, 2018

Shri N K Tripathi, Vice Chanceller, Malwanchal University addressing the newly admitted students of 1st year MBBS course during the Induction Programme

1 Hypertension - Changing definition, Shifting paradigm
27th September, 2018

Dr. P. K. Gupta (Associate Professor, Medicine) updated the knowledge of interns and post-graduation students about the latest guidelines and recommendations in diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.

1 Swachchhata Abhiyaan in College Campus
20th September, 2018
1 Teacher's day Celebration
5th September, 2018
1 Stress and its Management
30th August , 2018

An interactive lecture was organized on 30/08/2018 for interns and postgraduate students of the institute on stress and its management.

Dr. Anchala Dixit, Clinical psychologist, IMCHRC, Indore, talked about various causes and types of stress in daily life. She also described various relaxation techniques to manage them, specially focusing upon the role of counseling and various methods like meditation, yoga, time management, communication etc.

Mrs. Chitra Khirwadkar, Deputy director administration of IMCHRC, Indore, described the spiritual aspect of stress and various techniques to deal with the common stressful situations in life. The lecture was attended by a large number of interns and postgraduate students.

1 World Breast Feeding Week Activities
02nd - 07th August , 2018

On the occasion of World Breast Feeding Week, various events were organized by the department of Community medicine, from 2 nd to 7 th August, 2018.

1) Slogan competition (02/08/2018)
Total 112 slogans were received from the students in a dropbox, both in Hindi and English.
Top 3 best slogans were chosen in both categories.

2) Poster competition (03/08/2018)
Top 3 best posters were selected out of total 26 posters, which were prepared by M.B.B.S.
Second and third prof students, along with the interns.

3) Seminar (04/08/2018)
All the important aspects of breast feeding were presented by Dr Aarti Sahasrabuddhe (Professor, Community Medicine) and Dr Rashmi Bhujade (Assistant Professor, Community Medicine), along with covering the slogan of world breast feeding week 2018 : “Breast Feeding : Foundation of Life”.

4) Skits (06/08/2018 and 07/08/2018)
With a goal of generating and increasing the awareness of community regarding appropriate breast feeding practices, a skit was organized at Gehli (field practice area of Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Indore) on 07/08/2018, which was very much appreciated by community leaders and the village audience. Similarly, skits were also organized in the OPD and IPD of Pediatrics and Obstetrics-Gynecology departments, targeting the antenatal women, postnatal mothers and to the parents who had visited for immunization of their children. Approximate number of audience in all the skits was 250.

1 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: What the future holds?
02nd August, 2018

Mr. Kartik Taneja, Director- Channel Service, Google from UK, enlightened the knowledge of faculties and students by his lecture on the future of artificial intelligence, especially in the medical field.
His presentation was followed by an interesting session of discussion and interaction, when he replied to various questions and doubts from faculties and students.

1 Breast Feeding Week
1st - 7th August, 2018

Breast feeding week was celebrated by the department of Pediatrics from 1st to 7th August 2018.

1 Survey on the profile of reason for absenteeism
31st July, 2018

A presentation of survey on "Study to establish the profile of reasons for absenteeism in the Classes among the Medical students of Index Medical College" was done by the Interns of the department of Community Medicine.
This survey was conducted by the department of Community Medicine on M.B.B.S. students (first year to final year) through the interns of 2013-14 batch. The results were very useful and recommendations were formulated based on the reasons. The remedial measures were planned, which the management has taken in right spirit to solve as early as possible.

1 O.R.S. Week
25th - 31st July, 2018

O.R.S. week was celebrated by the department of Pediatrics from 25th to 31st July 2018.

1 Role of Body Language in Doctor-Patient Communication
19th July, 2018

Dr. Rahul Tanwani (Asso. Professor, Surgery) presented an interesting lecture on how a doctor can improve his speaking and listening skills by paying some attention of his own non-verbal communication (body language) while communicating with his patients.

1 International Yoga Day
21st June, 2018
1 Ethical Issues in Clinical Trial
07th June, 2018

Dr. S. Dhaneria, Dean Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacology, AIIMS, Raipur (C.G.) enlightened the knowledge of faculties, postgraduate students and interns about different aspects of clinical trial, ethical issues related with them, and care to be taken during planning of studies.
Lecture was followed by interaction with faculties and students and solving their queries and suggesting a best possible way to solve their problem.

1 Orientation Programme - 1st year MBBS

1st year MBBS (admission batch 2017-18) Orientation programme was conducted descriptively on 25.09.2017 (Mon) for students and parents, and attended by teaching faculty. The 1st year MBBS classes have started.

1 1st Annual Forensic National Conference

FMT-MP (Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Madhya Pradesh): Con-1 (1st Annual Conference) – “FORINDIA-2017”

Organized by IMCHRC (Index Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Indore) under the wings of Madhya Pradesh Medico-Legal Expert Association (MPMLEA)

Brochure and Information:
Brochure- MPMLEA- FORINDIA- IMCHRC, Indore- 15th-16th April, 2017
Pamphlet- MPMLEA- FORINDIA- IMCHRC, Indore- 15th-16th April, 2017
Pre-Conference FORINDIA- 2017- Brochure- 14th April, 2017

Pre-Conference: 14th April, 2017:

Photography & Model Competition Photography & Model Competition Photography & Model Competition Photography & Model Competition
Skit & Dance Competition Skit & Dance Competition Skit & Dance Competition Skit & Dance Competition
Festival Events Festival Dance & Skit Festival Dance & Skit

Conference: 15th-16th April, 2017
Dignitaries, Delegates from all over India Dignitaries, Delegates from all over India Dignitaries, Delegates from all over India Dr Adarsh Kumar [AIIMS, Delhi]
Dr Arneet [AIIMS, Bhopal] Dr Asawa[President MPMLEA] Dr B D Gupta awarding certificates & medals to UG & PG presentation Dr B D Gupta awarding certificates & medals to UG & PG presentation

Dr Badkur[MLI, Bhopal] Dr Dubey from Bhopal Felicited with scroll of honour Dr Manpreet [IIL, Indore] Dr Rajesh dere[KEM, Mumbai]
Dr Satpaty from Bhopal Felicited with scroll of honour Dr Seema Sutay [Organizing Secretary, FORINDIA 2017] Dr Tirpude [MGIMS, sewagram] & Dr Mishra[SAIMS] Mr Varun kapur[IPS, ADG, Indore]
Presentation by Dr Asawa

1 Workshop on Basic Communication Skills :

Workshop on Basic Communication Skills for Medical and Dental Students was organised by Dr. Rahul Tanwani (Asso. Professor, Surgery) on 4th March 2017. Around 130 students from different medical and dental colleges had attended and actively participated in the workshop.

1 Model competition [PRAROOP] held on 20th Feb.,2017 in Dept. of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, IMCHRC
1 Stimulus 2016-17 Dance Competition
1 Stimulus 2016-17
1 Stimulus 2016-17 Co-ordinators:

Dr Abhyuday Verma Asso. Professor department of medicine index medical college:

  • Diabetes summit in November 12-13
  • PCOS management with gynecologist Oct beginning
  • Hyperglycemia management in ICU with intensivist Sept end
  • obesity awareness program with GP's Sept end
  • chairperson at glp1 symposia on 22 Sept
  • chairperson at MP state level conference at brilliant convention center on 24 Sept
  • moderator of international webcast on 25 Sept topic thyroid updates.

1 01-10-2016 :

Blood donation camp conducted in index on saturday 01.10.16.

1 01-10-2016 :

Dr Abhishek Kalantri has received best case presentation award in indore orthopaedic association meeting held on saturday 01.10.16.
I presented cases of single stage multiligament reconstruction of knee with excellent outcome.


Dr Abhyuday Verma - chairing a session organised by API Indore on newer drug SGLT2 inhibitor - Saturday 01/10/16

1 24-09-2016

Dr Swati Prashant, Professor and head, Paediatricss chaired as Chairperson in 1 state Pedicon Respicon On 24 September 2016 at Indore


Dr Maj.Jr.S.K. Nema presented paper in Teen and Young Adult cancer(TYACON) conference held at SAIMS, Indore from 17-18 September 2016.


Dr Abhay Manchanda presented paper in 37th SICOT, World Ortho Congress conference held at Rome, Italy on 8-10 September 2016.

1 26-08-2016 :

Dr. Rahul Tanwani (Asst. Professor, Surgery) presented a Guest lecture on 'Communication skills during Post-graduation' at R.D.Gardi Medical College, Ujjain.

1 19-06-2016 :

Dr. Rahul Tanwani (Asst. Professor, Surgery) presented a special lecture for interns and PG students on 'Communication skills during Post-graduation'

1 19-05-2016 :

SurgiQuiz 2016 - A Surgical Quiz for Interns, organized by the department of General Surgery.
Winners : Swapnil Singh Baghel, Rupali Dubey, Anshu Boriya, Shivam Sharma


Self made Plaster of Paris models of Surgical museum, created by Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Asst. Professor, Surgery

1 07-03-2016 :

Second edition of the book of Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Asst. Professor, Surgery ('The Skills of History Taking' ) was released by Dr. D. P. Lokwani, former vice canceler of M.P.Medical Science University.

1 14-12-2015 :

Inauguration of Communication Skills Lab in the department of Surgery by Dr. D. P. Lokwani, vice canceler of M.P.Medical Science University. Created by Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Asst. Professor, Surgery

1 06-02-2015 :

Visit of Dr. Janet Surie and Ms. Gilly Burn (Founder Director of Cancer Relief India) from UK to deliver a guest lecture on 'Palliative care'.

1 07-02-2014 :

First edition of the book of Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Asst. Professor, Surgery ('The Skills of History Taking' ) was released by Dr. B.R. Parekh, former professor and head of Pediatric Surgery, M.G.M.Medical College, Indore.


Educational page on Facebook ('SMS : Surgery for Medical Students') having more than 25,000 followers and around 450 self made MCQs on Surgery with explanatory answers. Created by Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Asst. Professor, Surgery

1 Workshop on “Pharmacovigilance - Practice and Prospects”