Index Institute of Dental Sciences


From the Vice Chairman's desk

Mayankraj Singh Bhadoria
M.B.A.,Cardiff University, U.K.
Vice Chairman,
Index Institute of Dental Sciences
Index City, Indore, M.P.(India)

Message :

Index Institute of Dental Sciences is aimed at merging and enhancing the old school of teachings with a modern, technically sound and open minded approach towards education. We believe in not letting go off the "guru-shishya parampara" and older methodologies of education and moving towards the latest aggressive yet balanced movement of research and study techniques.

We provide the best possible treatment care to patients and give students a chance to exhibit their individual curricular and extracurricular talents in the making not only a professional but also a responsible human being. Our productivity lies in positive results which show with every passing day and bring to reality the dream that started this institution.

Our dental college gives timely insights to possibility with foreign exchange programmes and collaborations. Dental camps are conducted with responsibility and vigour as a means of positively promoting dental health in the area.

Success lies and projects in every aspect and slab of a system for it to function to the fullest and its highest potential. Thus, we support and encourage professional growth of our students, teaching faculty, technical staff and nonteaching staff equally. We are committed to further education and conferencing at international levels.

I wish all students, teaching faculty, technical staff and nonteaching staff a joint handed successful venture at Index Institute of Dental Sciences.

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