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Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics

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Welcome to the Department of Orthodontics where beautiful smiles are created.

The department is dedicated to advancing the art and science of Orthodontics through academic and quality orthodontics care to the patients. The department works on the vision to encompass diagnosis and treatment of various malocclusions including skeletal, dental and facial anomalies and includes the techniques and procedures to restore the dentition to functional efficiency, structural balance and esthetic harmony.

The various treatment modalities that are performed include: Preventive, Interceptive, Corrective & Surgical Orthodontics.

Treatment provided includes:

  • Removable orthodontics treatment
  • Removable & Fixed Myo-functional treatment
  • Fixed Orthodontics Treatment using Metal & Esthetics Brackets
  • Interdisciplinary Orthodontics Treatment

The department is supervised by well qualified staff members and is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, equipments and instruments required for various procedures. Facilities in the department include:

  • An orthodontics Clinic with 18 fully functional electronic dental chairs
  • Laboratory with all routinely required equipments (like Lathe, Model Trimmer, Spot welders, Plaster & Stone Dispensers) and specialized equipments like Hydro Solders, Pressure Molding Machine etc.
  • A separate sterilization room with autoclaves & ultrasonic cleaners with ozonizers
  • Photography section
  • Record room
  • Orthodontics preclinical lab for undergraduates
  • Seminar room
  • Artist room/ Museum

Undergraduates training :

The Undergraduates training program will consist of hours of clinical and practical training and theory lecture classes.

The main goal is to create a conducive learning environment that allows students to maximize their learning strengths as well as assist them in acquiring basic competencies in Orthodontics.

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