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World "No Tobacco" Day:

31st May,2017

Sensitization Programme against use of Tobacco:

There was active participation by students, teaching faculty and nonteaching staff. The motive was to create awareness towards negative effects due to widespread prevalence of tobacco consumptionand available treatment modalities.

Events Dates
Slogan contest:
Drop boxes were kept for 3 days.
26th May,2017 to
29th May,2017
Poster and Slogan Competition 30th May,2017
Rally for Awareness on No Tobacco Day
From Regal Square to Madhumilan Square, Indore
31st May,2017
09:00 am to 11:00 am
Guest Lecture by Dr. Ajay Parihar,
Associate Professor & Head,
Department of Oral Medicine, Diagnosis & Radiology, Government Dental College, Indore (M.P)
31st May,2017
Prize Distribution 31st May,2017

Dean, I.I.D.S, Indore Dr. Priyank Banthia
Cultural Committee Dr. Bhanu Chugh (Incharge)
Dr. Rinku Saini (Member)
Dr. Khushboo Kothari (Member)
Student Cultural Committee Members
Department of Public Health Dentistry Dr. Ranjan Mani Tripathi
Dr. Rahul Ganavadiya
Dr. Bhuvnesh Airen
Dr. Rashmi Rai

"No Tobacco" - Poster, Slogan Contest - 30th May,2017:

"No Tobacco" - Rally - 31st May,2017:

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