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Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

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The department deals with a conservative approach which form important facets of dentistry, namely, prevention of dental caries, restoring diseased teeth to their original form either by restorative dentistry or endodontic procedures, and cosmetic dentistry.

The department is well equipped with all modern equipments like radiovisiography machine (R.V.G.), various obturating systems, apex locators, pulp testers, bleaching units. All recent restorative materials are provided to the staff, thereby rendering quality care to patients. Faculty members are efficient, involved inresearch activities and take keen interest in teaching students.

The department has a fully fledged preclinical laboratory equipped with latest technology and phantom heads where students work on their clinical skills before they are carried out on patients. The department also consists of a seminar room with audio-visual facilities for teaching students. Chemical laboratory well designed with equipment for the latest in dentistry.

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