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Dandia Night - Navratri Celebrations

23rd Septempber, 2017


Nicotine Replacement Therapy - Guest Lecture

9th September, 2017

Guest Speaker:
Prof. Dr. B.M. Shrivastava,
(Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
Ex-Principal, Govt. College of Dentistry, Indore
Director (as on 9/9/17), Shri Aurobindo Post-graduate College of Dentistry, Indore

Independence Day

15th August, 2017

CDE Programme on "Hepatitis- A Silent Killer"

1st August, 2017

By Dr. Arun Saxena,
Dept. of Pathology, IMCHRC

Communication Skills for Doctors

15th July, 2017


Speakers included:

  • Dr. Rahul Tanwani, Associate Professor, Dept. of General Surgery, IMCHRC, Indore.
  • Dr. Priyank Banthia, Professor & HOD, Dept of Periodontics and Dean, IIDS.

Realizing the importance of communication skills for medical and dental professionals, an informative workshop was conducted which covered several essential highlights including:

  • Role of Communication skills in medical and dental practice.
  • Importance of proper verbal, paraverbal (tone, volume etc.) and nonverbal communication (posture, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact etc.) during communication with the patients.
  • Questioning skills like how to take the case history of patients during clinical practice.
  • Answering skills like how to reply the questions which are commonly asked by patients or their relatives.
  • Explanation skills like how to explain the patients about their disease, management plan, prognosis etc.
  • Persuasion skills like how to convince the patient for any major investigation or treatment.
  • Listening skills like how to make the patients feel that you are properly listening to their complaints.

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