For the training of students and treatment of patients fully equipped hospital with eight dept. OPD s and 100 bedded hospital with specialized doctors treating patients in a classical ayurveda way.


Specialized doctors in every OPD.

S. No Clinical Specialty Consultant/RMO
1 Kayachikitsa
Vd. Mohan Imade
2 Panchakarma
Vd. Nisha Tandale
3 Shalya Tantra
Vd. Anjali Tamori
4 Shalakya Tantra
Vd. Vishal Chaudhary
5 Stri rog Prasuti tantra
Vd. Vedshruti Dongre
6 Balrog
Vd. Amol Tonchar
7 Swastha Vrutta
Vd. Shraddha Bhasarkar
8 Jwar
Vd. Trupti Bhambani
9 Speciality
Vd. Rajendra Khedikar


Department wise Bed allocation

S. No Clinical Specialty Total No. of Beds Total
1 Kayachikitsa 40 100
2 Panchakarma 10
3 Shalya Tantra 15
4 Shalakya Tantra 10
5 Stri rog Prasuti tantra 15
6 Balrog 10
7 Aatyaik
8 Jwar
9 Speciality


  • Ultra modern and state of art OT available
  • Both major and minor surgical and obstetrics operation theatre are available

Labor Room

Well equipped labor room and trained Para medical staff for deliveries with normal and high risk patients. Foeto toco cardiogrpha is also available.


To bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern diagnostic procedure X-Ray, ECG, fully functional pathology lab is available.