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International Yoga Day

21st June, 2022

International Yoga Day was celebrated by Index Nursing College on 21st June, 2022. Yoga Asanas were demonstrated by various Nursing students with astounding synchronization in this Yoga practice program.The program was graced by Mr. Suresh Singh Bhadoriya, Chairman of Index &Amaltas Group of Institude. Dr.Smriti G. Solomon, Principal Index Nursing College guided the organizing of Yoga day celebration and quated that “To keep fit in today’s world, it’s critical to incorporate yoga into one’s everyday routine. Because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, health should be our first goal”.

Dr. (prof.) Smriti G. Solomon, principal, Departmental HODS, as well as a large number of teaching faculty and student, attended the programme. Mr. Jitendra Chicholkar, Associate Professor, Index Nursing College ,served as the host of the event

Various asanas namely anulomvilom, Surya Namaskar, Shirshasan, Vrikshasana, Tadasana, Chakrasana, and Anjaney asana were among the poses included in yoga. Principal , Dr. (Prof.) Smriti G. Solomon encouraged the students by her speech in which she stated that “Yoga is incredibly essential for all of us,” she continued. Yoga not only energises and keeps us fit, but it also offers us a sense of well-being and boosts our immune, which is especially important in these COVID times.

Voters Awareness Day

16th June, 2022

Index Nursing College organized voter awareness rally on 16/06/2022 with the blessing of Mr.Suresh Singh Bhadoria, Chairman, Index Group of Institutions. Under the guidance of Dr.Prof.Smriti G Solomon, Pricipal, Index Nursing College . Aim was to understand various modes of A Pre-Election Voter Awareness Campaign is aimed at making people aware of: the importance of their participation in the electoral process either as voters or candidates; the modes of participation ; the procedure to become eligible for voting and to actually cast their vote; the ways to assess the poll- worthiness of a candidate .The goal of a Pre-Election Voter Awareness Campaign is to create an environment for free and fair elections, and to encourage in particular, the participation of marginalized group such as women , the minorities, special ethics communities and the poor.,

The program was organized by Index Nursing College.Theprogramme was organized for one day and the timing were from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Mr. Prabhanshu Vyas, Associate Professor & Mr. Nitin Chicholkar Asst. Professor, Mr.Twinkle Parikh organzed this program.

The Rally started with 11:00am at Morodhat, Indore, M.P. Here students aware community in order to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process. The new voters would be provided with a badge with its logo “Proud to be a voter-Ready to vote”. In this B.Sc.Nursing 2nd year students wilingly participated in rally.

World Enviromental Day 2022

03rd June, 2022

Every year on June 3, we commemorate World Health Day, and we will commemorate World Environmental Day on June 3, 2022. Under the with the blessings of Mr. Suresh Singh Bhadoria, Chairman, Index Group of Institutions, direction of Dr. (Prof.) S.G. Solomon, Principal, Index Nursing College, and the subject for this year's World Environmental Day is "Only One Earth.".

The event was scheduled for one day, from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Poster competitions were the focus of the first session. This competition included Index Institute of Medical Science, Index Institute of Dental Science, Index Nursing College, and Index Department of Physiotherapy and Paramedical Science, all of which are part of Malawanchal University. Dr. Ram Gulam Rajdan, Pro-Chancellor of Malawanchal University, Mr. Cristofer, Registrar of Malawanchal University, and Dr. Sudha Shrivastav are the judges for the Poster Competition. The inauguration ceremony was held after that. The Chief Guest, Padmashri Janak Palta McGiligan Ji, and Mrs. Ayushi Deshukh, lit the lamp to begin the inauguration ceremony. All guests at Malwanchal University proceed to the Malwanchal University garden after the lamp lighting.

The first-year MBBS student gave the welcome address. The first step in welcoming a key guest is to greet them with flowers. Dr. Ram Gulam Rajdhan spoke to pupils about the environmental effects of pollution, followed by Dr. S.G. Patel. A social worker, Mrs. Aayushi Deshmukh, talks about Earth Day. Finally, Padmashri Janak Palta McGiligan Ji, the Chief Guest, spoke on the necessity of a green and clean environment, as well as her own experiences and practises.

1st prize goes to Ms. Poonam Malviya Index Institute of Dental college student, 2nd prize goes to Mr. Kartik Jagat Index Institute of Department of pharmacy student , 3rd prize goes to Ms. Aakansha Pathak and Ms. Harshita Kuril of Index Nursing College Student Following the prize presentation, Dr. Ram Gulam Rajhdan, Pro-Chancellor of Malwanchal University, Mr. Cristofer, Registrar of Malwanchal University, Dr. S. G. Patel, Dean of Sir Index Institute of Medical Science, and all dignitaries plant trees on the Malwanchal University campus.