Index Institute of Dental Sciences



Department of Public Health Dentistry

The department of Public Health Dentistry focuses on the preventive aspects of oral and dental diseases. The mission of our department is to obliterate the disparity in access to health care services and to render optimal oral health. To serve this function, the objectives are channelized by emphasizing on organized community efforts. The department fulfils its social commitment of improving the oral health of the population by conducting regular screening and treatment camps. The department has fully equipped mobile and portable dental services catering to the basic oral health care needs of the underprivileged population.

Index Institute of Dental Sciences has established two community dental satellite clinics at Double Chowki and Aathmeel which are dedicated to fulfilthe oral health care needs of the under-served population. The satellite centres are established as an extension of the outreach dental care services. They are a forefront in serving the population in the concerned rural community. The main objective of the satellite clinics is to provide the basic and emergency dental services in these areas and they also play a vital role in creating awareness regarding dental and oral diseases.

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