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The department caters to replacement of teeth which may be either congenitally missing or lost due to disease,ageing,accident, etc. This is achieved by dental prosthesis that not only replicates teeth but also restore the form and function of the missing teeth and their surrounding structures such as lips,cheeks, etc.The department also provides sophisticated treatment modalities like dental implants for replacement of missing teeth.

The department educatesundergraduate students to be competent in the treatment and management of patients who require comprehensive diagnosis,treatment plan and sequence of treatment in general prosthodontic therapy commonly found in general dental practices. The department proceeds academically in 2 phases, i.e., preclinical and clinical training. The undergraduate teaching also provides basic understanding of dental material sciences with its clinical and laboratory utilities.

The department suffices a capacity of fully equipped dental chairs for undergraduate students who are trained under highly efficient and trained faculty. A clinical laboratory forms a supportive system with facilities for fabrication of complete dentures,partial dentures and metal ceramic work. There is a separate preclinical prosthetic laboratory with sitting capacityfor sufficient number of students where undergraduate students are trained before entering to clinics.

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