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The department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery isa standard bearer of high quality patient care in the management of complex craniofacial diseases and deformities. The quality and promptness of treatment has not only created an impact on the population of city but also of the surrounding rural and urban areas. The possession of highly sophisticated and computerized surgical equipments has helped in changing the outlook of many patients with various facial defects.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art armamentarium, the department poses to train studentsin developing their working skills and transform them into expert clinicians.

The treatment facilities in the department includes management of craniofacial trauma and fractures including reconstruction, surgical management of head and neck pathologies including benign tumours and their postsurgical reconstruction, temporomandibular joint surgeries including ankylosis management, surgical correction of facial deformities, salivary gland pathology removal, etc.

In addition to major surgical procedures, minor surgeries including removal of impacted teeth, endodontic surgeries, preprosthetic surgeries and biopsies are routinely undertaken.
Students are allotted under faculty for their clinical postings, thus ensuring a dedicated interactive session with "hands-on" training thereby improving their clinical acumen along with theoretical knowledge. Students posted in the department are trained in all mentioned surgical skills from assisting in minor surgical procedures, patient treatment and care inoperations theatres and wards. Students arein this manner familiarized with the different facets of the specialty. Great care is taken for sterilization, control of cross infection and safe disposal of hospital waste.

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