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Department of Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology

The department exhibits intricately taken care of teaching skills and expertise provided for positive generation of students' mindset towards academics.

Clinical facilities :

  • Basic blood evaluation facilities.
  • Histopathological evaluation of biopsy specimens.
  • Clinical evaluation area.
  • Attachment of a full-fledged running medical hospital and intra-institutional collaboration with facilities of central research laboratory for specialized sophisticated investigations.

Teaching aids :

  • The preclinical students' laboratory resources practical training provided to students and is equipped with basic as well as the latest modern state of the art teaching aids like:
    • Spacious, systematicseating area for students.
    • Raised dais for comfortable interaction of students and teaching faculty.
    • Modern extempore writing device set up.
    • Sound amplification with speakers and microphones.
    • Audiovisual system with H.D. (high definition) projection of:
      • Power points presentations.
      • Academic videos.
      • Histopathologic slides through wide H.D. screening.
      • Individual microscopic viewing facility for every student.
    • Practical record manual books specially designed and customized for comprehensive knowledge enhancement.
    • Detailed histopathological and representative diagrams are provided to students for better and finer learning skills in the subject.
    • Separate seminar room for training students for presentations.
    • Mass training sessions.
    • Individualized training programmes.

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