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Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology

Oral Medicine is that area of special competence concerned with the heath of and with disease involving the oral and paraoral structures. Oral Medicine includes the diagnosis and medical management of diseases specific to the orofacial tissues and of oral manifestations of systemic diseases.

The department consists of two Sections

  • Oral Medicine Section
  • Oral Radiology Section

Oral Medicine :

This is the first department of institute, were the patients are examined thoroughly and record their history. According to the requirement and need the patients are then referred to the needful departments for treatments. For this we have 10 dedicated chairs with experienced staff. Also we have two chairs specially dedicated for special procedures such as biopsies. Here we are also equipped with Intraoral Camera for Patient Education and thorough oral examination. Strict Sterilization protocols are been followed by using Front Loading N-class Autoclaved.
There are modern and well equipped electronic dental units to impart quality dental care. The departmental OPD is ample to provide for sufficient and diverse clinical material for students.

Oral Radiology :

In this section radiographic examination is carried out as per requirement. This section is equipped with three Intra-Oral X-ray units with conventional & Digital Intra-oral Radiography facility. Also the department is equipped with state of art Digital Orthopantomography with cephalometric for cephalograms which are operated by qualified radio-techinicians.

The Department also consist of a Seminar Room with audio-visual facilities for teaching the students.

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